Waterfalls in Denizli


guney-waterfall-4Denizli has a rich natural landscapes for resources for visitors all over the region. Eco Tourism in Denizli is fast growing tourism activity with its lakes, rivers, caves and waterfalls. If you come to Pamukkale and want to discover other natural beauties in the region, you can visit waterfalls in the area. Denizli currently has 3 waterfalls that are open to visitors.

Guney Waterfall

Guney Waterfall, known as the 23th natural beauty of Turkey, is the most popular waterfall in Denizli and it attracts many visitors to its amazing beauty. It’s located in Cindere village which is situated 4 km south of Guney county of Denizli and it’s approximately 65 km away from Denizli City Center and 38 km away from Pamukkale. The water of Guney Falls comes from Cindere Mountain and contains lime which forms limestone terraces.

After a landslide which occured in 2013, the waterfall was damaged and there were concerns that it might be never be the same again as it was before. However after restoration, Guney Falls gained its old beauty back.

Sakizcilar Asmaalti Waterfall

Sakizcilar Asmaalti is another beautiful waterfall that is located in Sakizcilar village in Cal county of Denizli. It is approximately 38 km away from Denizli City Center and 28 km away from Pamukkale. The waterfall is also known as “Aglayankaya” which can be translated as “Crying Stone”. There is facility near the waterfall which serves meals such as salmon and other fishes, called “Hocanin Yeri”.

Homa (Gumussu) Waterfall

Homa Waterfall is located in Gumussu town of Civril county of Denizli. It’s approximately 125 km away from Denizli City Center and 130 km away from Pamukkale. The distance to central locations further than other two waterfalls, however the sight is freshening. The water falls down from 30 meter height and it is really cold.