Turkish Airlines Flights to Denizli from Istanbul



Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s best airlines and it flies to more than 200 locations around the world. Turkish Airlines has been chosen Europe’s Best Airline in 2011 and 2012. Turkish Airlines is also a Star Alliance member. It has variety of delicious foods on its menu and you can enjoy rich Turkish cuisine as well as international cuisine. Turkish Airlines has been flying from Istanbul to Denizli and Denizli to Istanbul for a long time. Most visitors that come to Denizli prefer Turkish Airlines because it flies from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Most of the international flights that come to Istanbul are using Istanbul Ataturk Airport as their main hub. So if you are coming to Istanbul from your country, you will most likely will land on Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It’s really convenient to use Turkish Airlines for that reason because after your flight lands on Ataturk Airport, you can easily connect to Turkish Airlines Denizli flight from there. However if your flight lands on Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Borajet and Pegasus Airlines would be more convenient for you. Currently there are three Turkish Airlines flights a day from Istanbul to Denizli Cardak Airport. Here’s the flight schedule:

Istanbul to Denizli
Departure Arrival
06:20 07:30
17:20 18:30
23:25 00:35 (next day)

Shuttle Information

For each Turkish Airlines flight to Denizli, there’s a shuttle waiting at Cardak Airport. So, you don’t need to worry about how to get Pamukkale. This shuttle will take you to Pamukkale or Denizli City Center depending on where you want to go. Most visitors prefer to go Pamukkale directly to settle into their hotel rooms. This shuttle will arrive Pamukkale in about 1 hour and it costs 10 TL. You will be giving this charge after you get on the shuttle and while you are on the road to Pamukkale. A Shuttle official will come and ask for 10 TL. So, don’t confuse when you are asked something like this on the road. :)

Denizli to Istanbul

So, you enjoyed your travel in Pamukkale and you want to go back to Istanbul and then to your country. There are also three flights from Denizli Cardak Airport to Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Denizli to Istanbul
Departure Arrival
05:50 07:00
08:15 09:20
19:15 20:20

Ticket Pricing

Ticket prices of Turkish Airlines depends on the date you want to travel. There are promotion tickets at price of 59 TL (one way) which is nice, affordable price. However, those tickets sell out quickly and you need book your flight at least one month before your travel. There are also flexible tickets that are between 79 TL and 329 TL range.

Turkish Airlines website: turkishairlines.com
Turkish Airlines Contact Information


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  3. Hi,

    If my flight from Istanbul to Denizli arrives at 00:35, is there any shuttle bus service? And how can I know if the bus is going to Pamukkale or Denizli City?

    • Yes, there is shuttle service for every flight. A shuttle official will ask you where you want to go before you board. Tell them you want to go Pamukkale and there is going to be other people as well who want to go to Pamukkale. On the way, you will switch shuttles and the get on to the second shuttle and it will take all visitors to Pamukkale.

  4. Hello,

    I would like to know one way air fare from Istanbul to Pamukkale for 2 persons on Monday 23rd March 2015.
    Awaiting your feedback with thanks

  5. Does the shuttle service connecting with a turkish airlines flight have to be pre booked? or can anyone travelling by turkish airlines get into the shuttle service to pamukkale?

  6. Hi, may i know where is the shuttle bus drop off point at pamukkale?
    And is there any meeting point for taking the shuttle to pamukkale after getting off the flight?

  7. Hi, Can you please confirm that there will be a shuttle to Pamukkale city for TK2580 flight scheduled arrival at 01:35 and I can take the shuttle without pre-reservation? and is the shuttle provider name “Bay-tur”? As I can find a information on their homepage(price 13TRY per person).


    • Yes, no reservations are taken for the airport shuttle to Pamukkale. No need to worry. You can just take the shuttle after you get off the plane. The fare is 13 TL / person.

      • I had conversaton with Bay-tur through e-mail but I was told that “Pamukkale from Cardak airport is 26TRY” 13TRY is only up to Denizli city center from the airport. Is this right? if so, you need to change info on this page. Thank you.

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