Tripolis Ancient City


tripolis-topTripolis Ad Meandrum is an ancient Phrygia city that is located 20 km northwest of Pamukkale and Hierapolis. It is built on a slope which is between Yenicekent town and Menderes river. The city was initially called Apollonia and then the name was changed to the Antoniopolis for a short period of time. In Hellenistic period, the city was a intersection for Phrygia, Caria and Lydia. Since it was a intersection for three cities, people started to call the city, Tripolis. Tripolis kept the name until people started to abandon the city in A.C. 7.

Although the city’s history goes back to Hellenistic period, the origins of Tripolis is not known for certain by historians. Archaeological materials have shown that the settlement in this area might have been built 5000 years ago.

Buildings in Tripolis


It is located in central location of the city. The theatre was built under Greek influence like other Roman theatres. The theatre can hold up to 10.000 people however it is ruined since the time it was built. The ruins of the theatre are still on location though.

Water Channels

Although Tripolis was built near Menderes river, the water to meet the city’s requirements was brought from today’s Guney county of Denizli.


During Roman period of Tripolis, the city was surrounded by walls to protect the city. The thickness of walls is around 2 - 2.5 meters and the walls that were built in early periods were 600 meters long and those that were built in late periods were 1200 meters long. Along with the walls, observation towers were built.


Tripolis is located near Yenicekent town in Buldan county of Denizli, Turkey.


As mentioned, Tripolis is near Yenicekent town which is only 20 km away from Pamukkale and 40 km away from Denizli. If you have your own vehicle, you easily go from Pamukkale to Yenicekent  in a short period of time. However if you don’t have your own vehicle, you can get there from Denizli Bus Station (Denizli Otogar) by taking a dolmus (shuttle). Yenicekent Koop, which is the bus company that provides shuttles to Yenicekent have multipe shuttles throughout the day.

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