Weather in Pamukkale

Today 01/07 100%
A steady rain. The rain will be heavy at times. High near 15C. Winds S at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of rain 100%. 25 to 50mm of rain expected. Localized flooding is expected.
Partly Cloudy
Tomorrow 01/08 10%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy. High 11C. Winds light and variable.
Saturday 01/09 0%
Sunny. High 14C. Winds light and variable.
Mostly Cloudy
Sunday 01/10 20%
Mostly Cloudy
A mix of clouds and sun in the morning followed by cloudy skies during the afternoon. High 16C. Winds light and variable.
Monday 01/11 20%
Sunshine along with some cloudy intervals. High 17C. Winds light and variable.
Tuesday 01/12 0%
A mainly sunny sky. High 18C. Winds light and variable.

Pamukkale has a nice, warm climate throughout the year. Because it’s placed in southwest part of Turkey and is close to Mediterranean and Aegean sea, visitors benefit from this good climate. Every year, over a million tourists visit Pamukkale and enjoy this paradise anytime throughout the year. But, “what is the best time time to come to Pamukkale? Can you come to Pamukkale in winter?”


The idea of coming to Pamukkale in winter might scare you off. But even in the winter, Pamukkale doesn’t get too cold because of its good geographical location. The temperature gets under 0°C usually just for a week. If you avoid that particular time, you sure will be fine. As you can see average temperatures in the chart below, the cold won’t likely be an obstacle during your trip. As for the snow, it snows in Denizli rarely, depending the year.  It might snow just a couple days in a year, but that might change to 2 weeks in following year. The mentioned time frame is usually in January and if you avoid this time of period, you have the time to enjoy Pamukkale rest of the year. But that’s also not a problem for many because since you will be enjoying Hot Springs, you won’t even feel cold.


Spring is considered one of the two best times to come and enjoy White Paradise. Spring in Denizli and Pamukkale is fascinating to see blossoms covering the way you walk while feeling the mild and soft wind. It’s a great time to enjoy travertines and Antique Pool. The temperature is around 20°C and it’s definitely a very good time for your travel.


Summers are usually really hot and the temperature is usually between 30°C and 40°C. Since it’s the travel season, Pamukkale gets most of its visitors in this time period.


Autumn is also very good season to choose to come Pamukkale. The temperature is similar to spring season and the sight of yellow leaves falling down from trees is definitely amazing.

To conclude, best time of the year surely depends on you. Some like to enjoy Hot Springs in winter, some like the hot summer weather to enjoy their travel. Probably the best time of the year in Pamukkale, considered by many, is Spring and Autumn.

The chart below shows the average temperature of Pamukkale in a year.

January February March April May June
Average High 11°C 12°C 16°C 21°C 27°C 32°C
Average Low 3°C 3°C 6°C 10°C 14°C 18°C
July August September October November December
Average High 36°C 35°C 30°C 25°C 18°C 11°C
Average Low 22°C 21°C 17°C 12°C 8°C 4°C