How to Get to Pamukkale from Istanbul


istanbul-ortakoyIstanbul, city of sultans, is a unique city that connects Europe and Asia with Bosphorus Bridge and offers many beauties along with it. It attracts millions of tourists every year and most tourists come to Istanbul as their travels’ start point. If you are wondering how to get to Pamukkale from Istanbul and want to know most convenient ways to travel to Pamukkale, this is the information that you need. There are many transportation options that you can choose to go with to get to Pamukkale.

Denizli Cardak Airport


denizli-cardak-airportDenizli Cardak Airport is the only airport in City of Denizli and it’s the closest one that you can use to get to Pamukkale unless you are coming from other cities by using road. The airport is relatively small but it’s very clean and you don’t encounter a rush like you would in a crowded airport.

The airport is located in Denizli’s Cardak region and it is approximately 70 kms away from Pamukkale. It usually takes about 1 hour to get to Pamukkale and about 50 minutes to Denizli City Center if you take a shuttle from airport. Denizli Cardak Airport only has flights from Istanbul at this point.

There are currently three airlines that flies to Denizli Cardak Airport from Istanbul. Only Turkish Airlines uses Istanbul Ataturk Airport for Denizli flights. Borajet and Pegasus Airlines use Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport as their base for Denizli.

You can find detailed information for each airline below:

turkish-airlines-logo borajet-logo pegasus-logo

You can find detailed information about Denizli Cardak Airport on the official airport website.

Baytur Shuttles


Baytur is a transportation company that is located at Denizli Cardak Airport. Baytur provides shuttles and sedan cars for visitors for a long time now. They have a shuttle for every flight that lands on Denizli Cardak Airport and it’s really convenient to use their services if you are flying with Borajet or Pegasus Airlines.baytur-shuttleAs you know, Turkish Airlines provides a shuttle from the airport to Pamukkale. However Borajet and Pegasus Airlines provide shuttles only to Denizli City Center. This is not very convenient for you if you like to go Pamukkale directly from the airport. In this case, if you are flying with Borajet or Pegasus Airlines to Denizli, you can take a Baytur shuttle from Denizli Cardak Airport and go to Pamukkale directly. Again, they have a shuttle for every flight that lands on the airport. It only costs 13 TL to get from the airport to Pamukkale. And to get back from Pamukkale to Denizli Cardak Airport, you just need to let them know about your departure time from Pamukkale and your hotel address. Baytur shuttle will take you from there and drop you at the airport for 26 TL. Yes, it’s really convenient and this one of the cheapest way to get around.

Aside from the shuttles, you can take a Baytur private car from the airport to Pamukkale for 60 TL. Baytur also has a Rent a Car service if you’d like to discover the area with a rental car.

Borajet Flights to Denizli from Istanbul



Note: Borajet does not operate during summer season.

Borajet is Turkey’s one of the fastest growing airlines. It mostly has domestic flights and has over 15 destinations within Turkey. Despite their cheap ticket prices, you will be served free food on the board. With that being said, you won’t be able to find Borajet through services like Expedia or Orbitz.

You can buy Borajet tickets online only from their website. Since Borajet customer service on phone serves only in Turkish, we recommend booking your tickets via their website. Important point here is that, Borajet flies to Denizli Cardak Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport only. It doesn’t have flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport at this point. Here’s the schedule for their weekly flights:

Istanbul to Denizli
Monday Tuesday Wed. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Departure 20:40 06:35 06:35 No Flight 20:40 20:40 06:35
Arrival 21:50 07:45 07:45 21:50 21:50 07:45


Shuttle Information

Borajet has shuttle for each flight that is ready at the airport. Unfortunately, these shuttles don’t go to Pamukkale. They go to Denizli City Center to drop off passengers. You may take another bus from there but it is not very practical and you would lose time while trying to get there. What you can do instead, you can take a Baytur shuttle, which is a private shuttle company that is located in Denizli Cardak Airport, and go to Pamukkale directly. The ride costs only 10 TL and Baytur also provides a shuttle to get back from Pamukkale to the airport. An alternative to taking shuttle is taxis. You can find a taxi from Cardak Airport and go to Pamukkale at anytime for 75 TL.

Here’s the weekly schedule for Denizli to Istanbul flights:

Denizli to Istanbul
Monday Tuesday Wed. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Departure 22:20 08:15 08:15 No Flight 22:20 22:20 08:15
Arrival 23:25 09:20 09:20 23:25 23:25 09:20


Ticket Prices

Borajet ticket prices start at 69 TL and goes up to 129 TL.


Borajet Website:
Borajet phone number: +90 444 26 72


Note: Flight times and ticket prices may change by the airline at anytime, so we strongly recommend making your trip plans after checking with an airline official or confirming the given information on the official website.