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Renting a car in Denizli and exploring different places that Denizli offers, is a choice for visitors. But, How do you rent a car? Can you rent a car at Denizli Cardak Airport? Your question are answered here.

What’s more fun than a good road trip? If you like to travel with a flexible schedule and have no bonds to tours or buses, renting a car is your option. :) You can rent a car in Denizli Cardak Airport as well as Denizli City Center, wherever is more convenient for you. Unfortunately, you can’t rent a car in Pamukkale.

Denizli is a fast growing city and the traffic can be jam sometimes in the city center. To avoid traffic, you can rent your car in the airport and go to Pamukkale directly. Since there is not much traffic between the airport and Pamukkale, it might be a good choice to rent your car from the airport. For those who are coming to Pamukkale by not using plane therefore not using the airport, the most convenient place to rent your car is of course, Denizli City Center. However, you should avoid rush hours to not stuck in traffic. Probably the best way to rent your car is really in the morning or in the evening.

Here are the list of rental car companies:


europcar-logoEuropcar has two branches in Denizli. You can find a branch in Denizli Cardak Airport and in Denizli City Center. You can book your car online or by phone before your travel. You can also rent your car on location. If you want to rent your car in Denizli and drop it off at a different location, Europcar is the best way to go.


baytur-logoBaytur is transportation company that works between Denizli Cardak Airport and Denizli. They also have a rental car service that you can use for your travel. Baytur also has two locations in Denizli City Center as well as Denizli Cardak Airport. Baytur has Fiat Punto, Fiat Linea, Renault Fluence and Mercedes Vito on its fleet for rentals.

Avail Rent a Car
Avail Rent a Car is a local rental company that also you can choose. Avail Rent a Car serves in Denizli Cardak Airport and in Denizli City Center. Wherever is more convenient for you, you have the option to choose. Avail has wide range of vehicles that you can choose from and you can look at all vehicles on this page. You can make your reservation on Avail website or you can rent your car on location.

Aksa Oto Kiralama

Aksa Oto Kiralama (Aksa Car Rental) is also a local company that serves in Cardak Airport. You can rent a car from the airport office and then return it there as well. Aksa doesn’t have any other branches at this point. So, if you are coming back to the airport, Aksa might be a convenient choice for you.

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