Pamukkale Natural Park


Pamukkale Natural ParkPamukkale Natural Park has opened in 2011 and it has become one of the top attractions for visitors quickly. Pamukkale Natural Park is placed right in front of Pamukkale and offers visitors a great sight of Pamukkale.

There’s a cafe in the park where you can get meals and drinks and enjoy a great scene. Pamukkale Natural Park has a lake that makes the scene even more beautiful. You can even take a paddle boat in the lake.

Pamukkale Natural Park has 3 pools in it if you like to enjoy a good swimming in hot weather. There is a pool for kids as well as for adults that includes jacuzzi in it. There is also a little mud pod where you can take a healing mud bath.

You can go to Natural Park anytime throughout the day. However, in evenings, there’s usually a wedding at this location, specially in the summer.


Entrance fee is 15 TL for adults. Ages between 0-6 can enter for free. Kids between ages 7-16 can enter Natural Park for 7.5 TL. You can stay in the park and in the pools as long as you want until you leave there.