Pamukkale Bus Company (Pamukkale Turizm)


pamukkale-logo-1Pamukkale Turizm, is Turkey’s one of the biggest bus companies that serves in many cities in west part of Turkey. As the company’s name explains, Pamukkale Turizm is established in Denizli and you can find many destinations to major cities as well as touristic locations from Denizli.

Pamukkale Turizm has buses called Teknobus in its fleet. Teknobus is a bus that has a touch screen for every seat which you can watch movies, listen to music or play games with. What’s cool is that, some of their buses have wireless internet and plug sockets, so you can use your laptop on the road.

As far as the name suggests, you might be thinking all of their buses are taking off at Pamukkale. :) But no, the main base of Pamukkale Turizm is Denizli Otogar (Bus Station) and majority of their buses as well as other bus companies are using there as their hub. That being said, some of Pamukkale Turizm buses take off right in Pamukkale. So, whether you want to go to those places or come from those places, here’s the list:

Aydin Kusadasi Selcuk Soke

pamukkale-busYou can go to these places directly from Pamukkale or come from them directly. As mentioned before, Denizli Bus Station is used for the majority of bus routes and you can go to over to 40 different places from there by taking a Pamukkale Turizm bus. The size of the bus changes depending on how far you are going. For short destinations, usually small buses are provided whereas for long destinations, large buses are being used.

On the road, depending on how far you are going, you will be provided free snacks, sandwiches with a drink of your choice. For long destinations such as Istanbul, buses will stop at roadhouses for passengers to take a break. In those locations, you can find cafes and markets where you can buy food or drink.

Most of Pamukkale Turizm buses have 2+2 layout which you get to sit with someone next to you. If you are travelling with someone, that should be no problem; however note that the seat next to you may be assigned to someone else if you are travelling alone. Some of Pamukkale Turizm buses have 2+1 layout which you can get a single seat without sitting next to anyone.

Pamukkale Turizm website is only in Turkish so it might a little too difficult for you to navigate through the site. So, here’s a little guide for you to make it easier:

Kalkış  From
Varış To
Tarih Date
Bilet Satin Al Buy Tickets
Saati Time
Arac Turu Vehicle Type
Hemen Al Buy Now
Internet The Price for Buying via Internet
Normal The Price for Buying via a Branch
Sefer Sorgula Check Bus Times
Cinsiyet Gender
Ileri Next
E-posta Email
Ad First Name
Soyad Last Name
Telefon Phone number
Son Kullanim Expiration Date
İşlemi Tamamla Complete Booking