Luggage Storage


denizli-otogar-bus-stationThere are many visitors who want to come to Pamukkale for a day trip and not stay over. In this case, these visitors mostly travel with their luggage and do not want to carry bags on the travertine site. If you are travelling by yourself and not with a tour company, it is most likely that you have some luggage with you. If you want to drop off your luggage and bags before coming to Pamukkale, you have one option.

Unfortunately, currently there are no lockers in Pamukkale where you can put your stuff. You may choose to stay over one night and then the problem would be solved. However if you need a place to put your luggage or bags, the only option is leaving your stuff to the bus company office at the bus station.

When you travel to Pamukkale from other cities with buses, you will first end up at Denizli Bus Station where you take a shuttle to Pamukkale. At Denizli Bus Station, you will find offices of bus companies. The bus company that you traveled with has an office at the bus station. You can go to the company office and ask them store stuff. They will keep your stuff for free. However, you should note that the companies don’t store luggage in lockers but they take care of them very well. If you have valuable items, such as passport, camera, id; take them with you in any case.