Legend of Pamukkale


pamukkale-travertines-2Once upon a time, there was a girl who was poor and ugly who lived near Pamukkale. She wasn’t married and she didn’t really care how much money they had or how poor they were but ugliness really frustrated her. When boys saw her on the street, they would just change their way to avoid her. One day, she couldn’t stand that and she climbed Cokelez Mountain. She didn’t want to live anymore and she jumped off the mountain. However she didn’t die and she found herself in one of Pamukkale pools and she stayed there unconscious for a long time. While she was laying there, a Denizli Lord was passing by and he noticed a girl laying down in Pamukkale. He thought she was dead but realized she was just unconscious. He approached to her and realized she was one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen. As she recovered herself, they fell in love and got married shortly after.

From that moment on, women started to believe the beautifying effects of Pamukkale. To find out more about Pamukkale Travertine Terraces, click here.