Kaklik Cave


kaklik-cave-3Kaklik Cave is one of the lesser known places among visitors in Denizli region. Kaklik Cave is usually referred as the Underground Pamukkale and it’s easy to understand why. Kaklik Cave has the same travertine structure as Pamukkale. The difference, however, it’s smaller in size and it’s inside a cave. The cave came to light after the collapse of its roof. After opening to tourists in 2002, Kaklik Cave started to earn visitor traction.

The water that comes out in the cave contains sulphur and high amount of sodium bicarbonate. This water is used for health purposes as well as agricultural irrigation in the area. Because the water contains sulphur, there’s a smell in the cave which explains the name that locals gave for this location, Kokarhamam Pinari (which can be translated as Smelling Bath Foundation).

Kaklik Cave is 65 meters long in northwest-southeast direction and 40 meters long in northeast-southwest direction. The entrance, which is shaped as a circle is 13 to 11 meters wide. The deepest point of the cave is 14 meters from the entrance point and the total length of the cave is about 190 meters.

Kaklik Cave is definitely a good alternative destination to visit while you are in Denizli.


Kaklik Cave is located in Kaklik town in Honaz county of Denizli. It’s approximately 30 km away from Denizli and 45 km away from Pamukkale.