How to Get to Pamukkale from Fethiye


fethiye-oludenizFethiye is among top tourist attractions in Turkey and it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Fethiye is relatively close to Pamukkale as it’s just 235 km away from Pamukkale. It will take about 3 hours or so to get from Fethiye to Pamukkale and it’s convenient to take a daily trip from there. Still, you should leave in early in the morning to truly enjoy your trip. As you know, Pamukkale is not just travertine terraces; it has ancient city Hierapolis as well as Antique Pool that can enjoy. So, you might want to consider extending your day trip to Pamukkale. :)

Now, there are couple of options that you can choose from to get to Pamukkale.


Pamukkale Turizm


Most cities have buses to Denizli and Fethiye is not an exception. Pamukkale Turizm has buses to Denizli two times a day from Fethiye. Buses departure at 10:15 and 14:00 at Fethiye Bus Station (Otogar). There are 2 brances of Pamukkale Turizm in Fethiye that you can purchase your tickets from. Unfortunately unlike most bus tickets, you can’t purchase tickets online for Fethiye -> Pamukkale route.

Cameli Koop

Cameli Koop is a local company that serves in Aegean region of Turkey. It has couple of destinations that goes between Denizli. It has 6 buses a day from Fethiye to Denizli and a ticket costs 22 TL. You can purchase Cameli Koop tickets via Metro Turizm brances. So, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a ticket in Fethiye Bus Station. Here’s the daily schedule for Cameli Koop buses:

08:15 10:15 11:45 13:45 15:45 16:45


Goltur is another local bus company that you can take to get to Pamukkale from Fethiye. It has 7 buses a day from Fethiye and a ticket costs 15 TL. Here’s the daily schedule for Goltur:

07:00 08:30 09:45 10:30 12:45 14:30 16:30


Finally, we advise you to be there at least 20 minutes early before your bus leaves.


You might want to consider tour options too. There are 15 day tours that leaves from Istanbul and includes many destinations in Turkey. Turkish Delight tour, for example, includes Istanbul, Cappacodia, Kas, Fethiye, Pamukkale and Ephesus for a 15 day tour.

Rent a Car

You might want to rent a car in Fethiye especially if you are traveling with your family or friends. What’s more fun than a good road trip? Luckily you can find rental car services in Fethiye and you can drop your car off at Denizli.


europcar-logoEuropcar is a popular car rental brand around the world and you can find one their branches in Fethiye. After you pick up your car in Fethiye, you can either drop if off in Denizli City Center or Denizli Cardak Airport. You can find detailed information on Europcar website.

Fethiye Rent a Car

fethiye-rent-a-car-logo“Fethiye Rent a Car” is a local rental car company that you can choose. It’s cheaper than Europcar and you can also pick your car in Fethiye and drop it off in Denizli. They do have a wide range of vehicles that you choose from a sedan car to a minibus. They also do have a branch in Oludeniz so you have an option to get your from there as well. Click here to book your rental car.