Festivals in Pamukkale


Every year, there are two festivals that you can attend in Pamukkale during summer season. If you are in Pamukkale during those festivals, you can attend those festivals and make your trip more worthy.

Türkçevizyon - International Turkish Music Festival

turkcevizyon-logoTurkcevizyon is an annual festival that takes places in Antique Theatre in Pamukkale. Like Eurovision, which is a popular song contest in Europe, Turkcevizyon is a song contest which contestants come from Turkish countries, Balkan countries and Middle East countries. The festival has started in 2009 as an annual event and it takes place in summers. TRT, which is the state television, airs the event on TV. If your travel date matches with this festival, you can attend this festival and enjoy Turkish songs.

International Folk Dance Festival

denizli-international-folk-dance-festival-logoStarted in 2001, International Folk Dance Festival is an also an annual festival that is organized by Denizli Municipality. Folk dancers from all over the world attend this one week event. Dancers from Denizli Municipality, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Mexico, Poland and other countries perform their best to audience. Every year, dancers come from different countries which makes the event more diverse.

The event takes off as dancers start to parade in Denizli Downtown. Each day, they perform at a different location in Denizli. Other than Antique Theatre in Pamukkale, locations include Deliklicinar Square, Incilipinar Park and Ziya Tikiroglu Art Center for the premiere.

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